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Your home’s sewer line is buried beneath the lawn, which makes it challenging to identify a possible broken sewer line. Here are some indications that your sewer line might be broken:  Kitchen Sink Clog 1) EASILY CLOGGED DRAINS Once in a while, your toilet, Kitchen Sink Clog or shower can experience a drain that gets a bit plugged up; in these cases, a clog can be a fast fix. Nevertheless, when a clog starts occurring with unusual regularity, particularly in multiple drains, or if the water is draining throughout your home, this might be a symptom of a sewer line. 2) SOGGY SPOTS IN THE YARD A leaking sewer line can be caused by a break or fall. Nevertheless, according to Angie's List, a leak is frequently caused by a tree root that has penetrated the piping. A lot of those leaks are more difficult to detect than others, particularly in areas where the sewer line is buried deep. Whilst a leak in the sewer line is invisible, it could show itself in warmer cli