What Should I Do During A Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing emergencies can arise anytime any day. It hardly matters if your house is new or old. You never know when a sewer pipe might show a crack, it has hardly got anything to do with the fact that you have just moved into your new house and you were expecting everything to remain well in place. Going into a sudden panic after seeing a plumbing breakdown might not help you. It would rather increase the situation and make it go bad to worse.

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Plumbing Emergency

It is pretty much understandable that seeing the water overflowing out of the top might leave you super worried and deep into panic mode but it won’t help you the least. Time plays a crucial role in restricting the damage and if you are into the panic mode it will resist you from taking timely decisions and thus it will cost you a lot more in every way. One should always be ready for any kind of plumbing emergency and make sure to keep cool for avoiding further issues.

While you have decided to keep your composure while facing a plumbing issue, let’s list few tips which should be remembered and followed. 

Suddenly seeing a lot of water inside the house will surely ring the alarm bells all over and it should be taken as a plumbing emergency. What has caused such a thing is the first step one has to look into. The cause of it could be anything from a pipe burst to the toilets overflowing. It might be a defective faucet or ever a heater which has suddenly broken.

The first step after seeing such a condition is to ensure that no other part of the house gets damaged due to water flowing abruptly. The succeeding step should be to immediately close the water supply off. There can be two ways to do it.

  1. If you have understood the cause behind such a mess with water flowing down everywhere, you can without a delay stop the water supply of that particular faucet or broken appliance.                                                                                                
  2. But in most cases, it often becomes difficult to point out from where exactly has the problem arrived. It’s difficult to locate where exactly the problem lies given the fact that you are already tensed with the mess it has already created. Thus the best option in such a scenario is to close the main water valve. This will be the closure of the impending issue for the time being. As soon as you close the main valve the water of the whole house will stop and you will now get the time to access what the situation is.

It is important to know that where exactly your main waters valve Is situated. It is mostly located outside the house or it might be the basement where this valve could be situated.

Moving further it is time to contain the damage. Quickly bucket up or soak off the water to prevent any further damage. One can use anything from the towel, blanket, or any material but conduct this process quickly because it’s about preventing any further damage. Also, if the plumbing issue has initiated from the overflowing of the toilet that soaking up quickly will prevent your house from any bacterial or toxic infection.

These steps are more than sufficient to contain the critical damage. Once you are done with all of this, it’s time to quickly look for the emergency plumber in Manhattan, NY. If the plumbing issue has rocked your house at odd hours when most of the other services are closed, you can look for a 24-hour plumber in Manhattan, NY. A professional plumber will be able to examine your house deeply and will be able to fix the issue through its root. He is capable of fixing out something that you might have missed. Further, it will be important for the plumber to take a round around the house and identify any other issue or damage that can cause you problems in the future. He can identify if there is any such thing that might again land you in trouble, so fixing or repairing them within time might save you time and money. Good scrutiny of a plumbing system by the professional plumber might just be the most important step which no one should miss.

The key is to remain calm and composed throughout the process and we bet you that you will be able to take out the best way. Panicking in this situation is often lethal in many ways.

We at Manhattan Sewer Drain provide one of the best plumbing services in Manhattan. We have a team of professionals who are more than eager to help you in the best way possible. We have years of experience which helps us to quickly find the root cause of the problem. This enables us to avoid any further damage to your house and thus we save you a good amount of money and time. 


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